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Used Book Fair Recap

5/27/2023 1:33 pm

The used book fair was great. Thank you to everyone that donated and purchased books. It was nice for people to pass along the books they've read so that others may enjoy them. It was also fun to see adults and kids alike have an excuse to hang out for a bit at pickup time and enjoy the nice weather. Thank you especially to Karli Coles, Melissa Muken, and Alex Thayer for organizing the used book fair for the second year in a row.

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5th Grade Popsicle Party to Celebrate their 2023 Heath Hawk Fund Participation

5/22/2023 1:33 pm

Congratulations to the 5th grade families for coming out on top of the Heath Hawk Fund participation challenge this year. Over 44% of the 5th grade families donated to our PTO's annual appeal, and we are so grateful. To celebrate your generosity, the 5th grade students got to enjoy some popsicles last Friday.

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Thank you from Mayfair!

5/21/2023 9:01 pm

Thank you to the hundreds of Heath families who made Saturday's Mayfair such a special community event. And a special thank you to the 100 VOLUNTEERS who worked so hard, bringing great energy to running activities for the kids, toughing it out cooking and moving heavy tables in the rain, or doing crucial organizing to get people their tickets and food.

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Spring Teacher Appreciation Lunch

5/2/2023 8:39 am

Thank you to the Heath teachers and staff for all they do everyday for our community. As part of National Teacher Appreciation Week, the Heath parent community honored our teachers and staff with a luncheon on Monday, May 1st. Parents cooked, baked, made donations, and volunteered their time to put together a delicious spread for the Heath teachers to enjoy. Thank you to all the families that contributed and to Robin Gilula and Katie Sawatzky (Parents in 4O, 5P and 7th) for organizing.

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Brookline Town Election 5/2/23

5/1/2023 12:55 pm

As a nonprofit, the Heath PTO is a nonpartisan organization. But core to our mission is to promote excellence in education at Heath and to communicate to our parent community about issues that impact our school. The town election this Tuesday will impact our school. Traditionally, voter turnout among parents of school-age children is very low - given the important school-related items on the ballot, we encourage you to show up and vote. So please take a look through these resources so you can better understand the issues. And then make a plan to vote on Tuesday.

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